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Friday, May 28, 2010

mila | irvine photographer . heather + andrew

heather and andrew are sooooo much fun!  they're genuine, quirky and so full of life.  she loves thrift shopping, his dad is some kind of kool antique collector (like the guys on american pickers) in search of irish reminders of home. btw i love that show!  he's an engineer, she's a nurse and they wanna go back to africa to make a difference.  WOW.  and here's another wow... heather's best friend melissa found me.  heather was busy with nursing school and her best friend went to the dana point yacht club bridal show for her.  can you say 3 stars for the BFF?!?!

hair and makeup by ashley gannon of flawless faces

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  1. I love that this couple are total hams. It looks like they had a great time taking their photos. And they turned out great! Good job!

  2. What a cute couple! Looks like tons of fun!