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Friday, May 21, 2010

mila | scott robert and me

matt saville is one of my good photog buddies.  the guy is a total camera geek and a tech savvy dude.  he's a wedding photographer with a passion for landscape photography.  he's the kind of guy that takes his time to get that perfect shot.  and when hanssie and i have a lighting question we usually reach out to matt first.  

matt had attended a workshop in spain from this guy named scott robert a few years ago.  and he seriously could not say enough good things about the guy and about the workshop.  before matt i had never even heard of this dude.  odd, coz he's an award winning photographer (shows you how much i know)  and from all of matt's stories i pictured a larger than life white man who was possibly much older (deduced thru the wealth of knowledge this guy seemed to have).  i met scott robert for the first time in a photog convention in pasadena and was confused.  first off his name is scott robert LIM.  he's asian.  he's tiny.  he's young.  he wasn't anything i pictured LOL.  

last week i had the awesome opportunity of attending one of his workshops.  i can now confirm everything that matt ever declared this man to be.  he IS larger than life.  i absolutely love his teaching style and he gave me the pieces i was missing.  sometimes it takes the right person to explain something to you before the light bulb comes on (no pun intended) ... he taught me the basics of flash photography.  now i'm usually a read-a-book-then-apply kinda gal.  for some reason that just didn't work for me whenever i tried to master flash photography.  scott gave me the formula that finally clicked.  hurrah!!!!  after that day i was just infused with happiness and couldn't wait to try out all the things i learned.  that inspired excitement prompted me to sign up for a lifetime mentorship program with him.  i just know he's going to help propel my craft to the next level.

speaking of things that click.  if you or your friend want to learn about the basics of photography... i will be teaching photography 101 at the seed market in costa mesa.  2 separate opportunities for 3 hours each on june 23 and july 14.  it's a 3 hour course that will walk you thru getting past the auto button on your camera.  click here for registration information.

here's some photos i took at the scott robert workshop.


  1. Michelle, I am so glad to see that you've learned so much from Scott's LA workshop and hahaha your blog post is so funny! I hope we get to cross path again soon and it was so nice to get to know you a bit during dinner time.

  2. Hi Michelle, WOW, thanks for making me feel 7 feet tall! LOL!! Seriously, thank you for taking the time to share with the world your experiences at our workshop. The next one in OC is July 17, Sat. You took some amazing shots and I can see you have a great feel for weddings already! I really LOVE some of the images that you took!! Amazing job and I can't wait to see you take on your journey and develop into a world class photographer, greatness is your destiny!

  3. Love these shots Michelle, I'm definitely gonna have to try to make it to his July one!!!! :)

  4. I'm so glad that this was everything I said it would be! There are SO many workshops going on these days, I hesitate to recommend any of them that are more than a hundred bucks or so. Scott Robert is one of those teachers who is totally worth the investment. Anyone who wants to learn how to see light in an amazing way, how to create dramatic poses, and how to take your business to that "next level", there are few who can teach in as well-rounded a way as Scott. (And I don't get a dime for saying this, BTW.)

    Awesome photos! The important thing is, like you said, to get RIGHT back out there and practice this stuff on your own. That was what sealed the deal for me. Scott makes these images look so effortless, when in fact excellence always requires a LOT of practice.


  5. These are soooo beautiful! I wish I could of swung going to this workshop; it looks like you learned a ton! You go girl!

  6. Beautiful photos! I guess I missed out on a great workshop.