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Monday, May 17, 2010

mila | my first mother's day my second blue box

we've been engaged for over nine months and haven't planned a thing.  there's so much going on financially that i can't even begin to wrap my head around a wedding.  we've got kaya.  we've got a move coming up.  we've got a few trips planned ... and no wedding.  we were thinking we should just have a civil ceremony then throw a backyard party, order up the koji taco truck, have a blast ... then fly to indonesia.  but even that takes planning and some cash.  ah... maybe next year.  although, i have to say, the old skool in me still squirms that we have a kid and curtis and i aren't officially married.  i cringe at the doctor's office when they ask what kaya's last name is (ford) and what mine is (cunningham).  i cringe even more when i remember that cunningham isn't even my name.  it's my ex-husband's.  surprised?  yeah.. i know.  it was just too complicated to change my name at the time so i just let it be.  actually it was as complicated as my maiden name -- aenlle.  mmm hmmm... try that tongue twister out.  

if you guys remember on my "we are engaged" post, we opted out of an engagement ring since we just got back from a 9 month trip to the philippines and couldn't really justify the expense.  in lieu of the traditional rock i've been sporting my grandmother's gorgeous ivory carved buddha ring but the setting has been difficult to wear around the baby.  last week curtis surprised me with something to soothe my old skool conscience.  he brought home my second blue box ever!  (blue box = tiffany's in case that needed some explanation).  inside were matching bands for us to wear.  sigh.  it was the bestest sweetest present.  the rings are squarish but a little twisted.  it's just like us!  non-traditional.  i wear it with pride on my right hand coz in the philippines, that's where the wedding ring goes and that's how i roll.

my first mother's day started out well already and quickly followed up with a gorgeous pitcher full of tulips from kaya.  i think she kept crying till my sister bought them for me.  and all that... made me cry too.

kaya chillin w her dad and uncles to watch the laker game.

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  1. So special! I love that you have some fab rings to sport now….and no rush on the wedding girl, you will be together forever any way – whats a little more time!?

    Oh and I have to say….lovin’n Kaya’s outfit….some one really cool must have gotten for her! ;)

    p.s. It was AWESOME to see you guys yesterday…LOTS of love!!