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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mila | blog sheets

getting your photo in a magazine = major bragging rights.  i'm not talking about having my mug on a mag although that would be rad too.  i'm talking about having a photograph that i took featured in a magazine.  back in the day, photographers would collect what is known as tear sheets.  literally they were pages from the mag torn out to prove that their work was featured.  these days online blogs have taken over the world and getting featured in a blog has become the goal.  just wanted to share a couple of recent "sheets".

this shoot was one that hanssie, myself and mary lalland (of jay's catering) put together at the astor car center.  we love doing these shoots since it gives us a chance to get creative, work with new vendors and crack our photography knuckles.  it was recently featured on rock n roll bride.  thanks kat!  we couldn't have been more thrilled that you liked it!

this morning curtis calls me down to his computer and says... recognize anything on this page?  me, being so dense, did not see anything unusual about his favorite website surfline.  then he says... that's your picture on the banner ad!  what?!?!?!?!  hahahah!

curtis, bobby (his brother), myself and our friend petra had gone to cardon surf resort in mexico a couple of years ago.  i spent every morning taking pictures of the guys from sunup to noon for a week.  i got a great tan, an arm workout (handheld camera .. no tripod) and an awesome set of surf photos.  i gave the resort a cd of my faves of course and that's what they used for their recent banner ad!

what a great place for the guys to go surfing!  the waves were epic, the place was professional, clean and gorgeous oh and the food was practically gourmet.  it was such a step up from the typical surf camp i was surprised how reasonably priced it was. 

here's a few more shots from that week.  btw, this was the week i taught myself to go on full manual on my camera.  back then i was rocking the canon rebel xti and a tamron 18-250 lens that i LOVED.

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