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Monday, June 7, 2010

mila | kaya updates

  • she sleeps with arms in goal post position
  • when she wakes up she has a super girl stretch and a snoopy dance
  • 8 - 10 hours of sleep a night since she turned 8 weeks old!  she's 11 weeks old now.  
    • we cried it out for 2 nights.  curtis cracked his eye open at 4 in the morning on the first night and asked me... "what's the point of this again?"  my response ... "so I can get my life back".
  • she's such a morning person!  she smiles when she wakes up, talks to herself then increases volume to let me know she's up.
  • the kid loves to sit up ... so i got her on the bumbo and she can watch me in the kitchen washing dishes, in the living room watching TV, in my office editing photos,  on the dining table as i mack on a pb+j
  • i wanted to get her a lamb but the one at toys r us had the face of a monkey.  didn't sit well with me.  i showed her a giraffe and an elephant.  she smiled at the elephant and started talking to it.  ellie came home with us that day.  curtis says he hasn't seen that reaction.  whatev.  she's gonna love ellie.  there will be no mickey mouse in my house.
  • she needs interactive toys to keep her amused now.  not that i'm not enough but i'll never get anything done at this rate.  
  • she loves to shop with me.... maybe she just likes the stroller's motion when i'm walking.  that might be why my buy and dash strategy is causing a problem.  
  • i still can't have coffee (not even decaf) ... her tummy HATES it.  other than that, i can eat everything else.
  • her newest trick is sucking on her wrist to put her to sleep.  people are gonna start saying that i'm mean and don't provide a binky.  so not true.  it's not my fault she spews the thing out when i'm not looking.
  • she loves her leg warmers!  hehehe.  i bought one pair for her (the black and red ones on the photo) the rest are DIY ones made from lil girl socks that i cut up.
  • she still fits into bottoms for newborns.  she's long and lean.  anything bigger and she's swimming in them. 
  • we're going to have to bring the crib out soon, she's outgrowing the bassinet.
  • she's got all of our hearts in a vice grip.  doesn't look like she'll be letting go anytime soon.
and as my child keeps stretching into a lil person i'm working on shrinking back into my clothes.  after that first failed attempt with boot camp i slowed my roll down to cycling for an hour.  i bought the body bug thing and have figured out that i really don't burn calories sitting around.  damnit!  on the brighter side, working a wedding really burns a few!  unfortunately the rich foods they served at the last couple of weddings i helped with negated that "workout".  oh... and i've been plagued with a recent NEED for sweets.  it's vice like grip weakens my resolve towards weight loss.  lord have mercy on my sugar craving soul.  it's depressing to see that even mini oreos have large calorie counts.  

and a little video to end with 


  1. i laughed when i saw her in her little chair. she's got SO much facial expressions!!

    enjoy her, they grow up too fast.

  2. It always amazes me that they sleep in "goal" position... I guess it's from months of such cramped living space they can't help themselves! She is beautiful, with so much character. She really is the perfect combination of both of you!