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Monday, June 21, 2010

mila | june smugmug . roberto valenzuela

the sharpshooter group invited roberto valenzuela to speak at a gathering last year.  that was the first time i even heard of him.  i sat down steeling myself for another pep-talk and was happily surprised to hear of a different kind of lecture.  here was a guy that was giving me some technique tips for once!  it was an amazing talk from a very dynamic and entertaining speaker.  he's got an accent and a great sense of humor and i was enthralled by his grasp of the subject matter.... getting a good handle on your photography basics, extending your comfort zone and being the master of that spot.  i told all my friends about him and how impressed i was.  now i have a chance to share again.  he's coming to this month's smug!

here's the details..

Thursday, June 24, 2010
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Mesa Verde Country Club
3000 Club House Road costa mesa, ca


Break it down is a practical program designed by Roberto Valenzuela to serve as a guide to breaking down the challenges and harnessing the hidden opportunities presented by any location or pose. For every challenging situation, there are many opportunities hidden beneath. This seminar will help you find just that. During the program, Roberto will show you how you can break down poses and locations based on colors, geometric shapes, balance, angles, symmetry, converging lines, and overall impact value. Never run out of ideas again!

Roberto is a 50-time International award winning photographer, 3-time 1st place winner, and a WPPI print competition judge.

Roberto just got listed by Junebug weddings as one of the top wedding photographers in the world.

Find out more about Roberto Valenzuela at 

i hope i see you there!


here's some photos from last month where hanssie spoke on being yourself in this industry and mirta and joe barnet sharing a spot in their workshop.

matt is always watching out for hanssie ... or maybe it's the lighting he's always aware of.

and kaya bear sleeping thru it all...


  1. You're right, light is important. But you're also right- gotta look out for your friends!