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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mila | cerritos photographer . 50th wedding anniversary

this event was so special to me.  it was the golden one!  and....as if i wasn't enough of a sap already it also reminded me of my grandparent's 50th.   i so had the hardest time keeping my emotions in check, the tears kept threatening to gush.   gregorio and saturnina have grown their family to a talented and loving brood of 18 with great success; and even after all these years, the love between them was apparent.

this is allie.  all the kids performed as is the filipino tradition for family gatherings, allie stole the show.  she did a jaw dropping rendition of west side story.  her mom swears that the skirt she had on has the pixie dust coz apparently she learned the entire routine on her own .  the kid's got talent!  i already ordered a skirt for kaya.

these four were on this bench for 20 hours!  i exaggerate, but they were definitely on it for at least four hours. not even sure if they took pee breaks coz everytime i walked by they were on it.

if this shot looks blurry to you it looked blurry to me too... coz i couldn't hold back my own tears.

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  1. Omg, cutest thing ever. You captured it perfectly my friend!

  2. Amazing Michelle! By far the best I've seen from you yet =) Great story, composition, color, and the one of him tearing up is so well done - we get a little peak but we aren't intruding in his "space"

  3. they are so sweet even in their 50 years of wedding anniversary they love each other.