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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mila | craftiness and compliments

if i had a dollar for every idea i came up with i would be a millionaire. i'm a problem solver, a fixer, an enhancer. it's in my nature. it's this particular ability that made me successful in my previous career as a business analyst. my problem is follow thru.... these days anyway. and that is where curtis comes in.

my creativity needs an outlet, sometimes it means CREATING work where there isn't a need for it. curtis balances me out. he reminds me of where we are, why we are and why i should or shouldn't pursue an idea. and sometimes... he just follows through for me.

i'm somewhat of a pack rat... albeit an organized one. my creative streak demands that i don't waste anything so i have a bunch of odds and ends tucked away in boxes everywhere. a moment of inspiration hit me when i saw a display at a craft fair over the summer and i told curtis i wanted a wall of photos in the living room. after i told him what i had in mind (using a handful of drawer pulls) he took my ideas, and threw up a wall of our favorite photos from our recent travels.

don't you just love it?!?!? frames from IKEA + silver drawer pulls + ribbon. voila! i've got a few more crafty nifties waiting to get explored in my head. i'll be sharing as i go along.

p.s. i actually took these photos coz i rented a tilt-shift lens and wanted to understand what it did. now i know.

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  1. Love your creation!!! How did you get the drawer pulls to stay put on the wall? Is it ok if I copy you? I love what you have done!! It's so simple and classic!!!