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Monday, October 26, 2009

mila | MY baby bump week 20

i feel movement! a few girlfriends told me that at this stage feeling the baby move is like feeling gas bubbles in your belly. well... i had some false alarms a couple of weeks ago. they really were gas bubbles. it wasn't the munchkin AT ALL. but now... it's totally her! curtis is so jealous. he wants to feel the movement too. so cute. he's constantly patting and rubbing the belly in hopes of feeling her move around in there.

i'm so attached to my family. we might not see each other often but we are in each other's minds all the time. facebook, email and skype brings us all so much closer together. curtis' parents moved to virginia a few months ago to help care for curtis' grandpa. and we hadn't seen them since we left for the philippines last year. and as for curtis' grandpa, curtis hadn't seen him since 1996! he was definitely over due for a visit. and so off we went.

it was awesome to see these 3 generations together. it warms my heart. when the little munchkin comes in march we're going to plan another visit to virginia. i would love for her to meet her grandfather and her great grandfather.

gained a pound and a half since the last weigh in. i can't even suck my belly in anymore. she's definitely making herself known these days. i think i should have picked a different outfit for these photos.. she's just not as visible in this.


  1. So so sweet. Enjoy it all! See you next month?

  2. Aw, that's really nice! It's hard to be away from family but it gives you peace knowing they think about you as often as you do. I also have to say, you're the sexiest pregnant woman evaah!

  3. Pardon my goofy post on Facebook about this. The name Jacqueline just popped in my head for a baby name so that's why I blurted that out LOL.

    3 generation pictures are awesome. I'll have to dig through my photo albums to find one of mine.