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Monday, October 5, 2009

mila | summer 2009

the weather's turning. i turned the fans off around the house last night. i wore my uggs to the store yesterday. i had a long sleeve shirt on today. summer is passing ... and i've got my fuzzy slippers out again. curtis and i haven't seen this side of cold since the fall/winter of 2007 coz we bailed out before the cold hit in 2008. dare i say it.. i missed my boots and my sweaters!

it was a fun summer! lots of photo shoots, friends, bbq's, picnics, beach days and happy surprises. here's some pictures from a couple-three summer get togethers with our k-rews. backyard bbqs, fourth of july at the beach and the OC fair!

one of these days i'm going to figure out how to get this slideshow to be the right size. any suggestions anyone?


  1. What's the deal? No pictures of us???!!

  2. To fix the size mis-match on your blog slideshow either (1) change the size on the iframe tag to match the slide show or (2) rezise the slide show on the source page to fill the iframe.

    I tried pasting the revised code but the blog wouldn't take it because code is not allowed in posts :(