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Monday, October 19, 2009

mila | getting pulled over

i signed up for the dane sanders roadshow (photog workshop) and from a long list of cities to choose from i picked new york. curtis and i LOOOOOOVE new york. we got in town a couple of days ago, taking in the sights, sounds and shopping before the workshop. it was supposed to be pouring rain these past few days but i'm thinkin we brought a little bit of cali with us when we landed coz it's been kinda dry (thank god).

there's something about this city that's just exhilarating. in cali, if i have to walk too far in a large outdoor mall center you can bet that i'd jump in my car and re-park. here, i can just keep on walking. i mean, we might stop occasionally at a cafe or hop on the subway to the next area or we might enter every clothing store in between. but all that walking just gives me a chance to absorb everything about this city. the people are interesting. the fashion is amazing. the food is exemplary! i could totally live here! .... for a year ... or before it gets too cold for my tropical skin, whichever comes first.

yesterday we were in soho, meandering between stores. curtis is on a hunt for shoes and clothes. i want a pair of black boots (shoes and socks are about the only thing i can fit into and feel good in these days). since he's got more shopping in mind than i do i generously call out "just pull over whenever you see something you like". next thing i know i'm walking into a wall coz curtis turned a hard right and walked into me. i'm like... "hello??" curtis is grinning. "...i pulled over. i saw something i liked." he's staring at me and i start giggling. i know i know.. cheesy. but sooooo cute! i thought so anyway. sigh. i love this guy... and i love NY.

today we're heading to B&H. my photog shopping mecca! i've only shopped online with them so going to the store is gonna be like toys r us for me. the clouds part and angels sing. can you picture it?! goosebumps already. tonight, i meet up with the roadshow gang and tomorrow we begin the workshop.

here's a photo of me n c (circa 2007) ... blast from the past

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