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Friday, September 12, 2008

balikbayan boxes and stinky limits

ack! boxes, boxes and more boxes. i've been going thru my closet for the last few days. it's not enough that i took out 32.5% of my closet and handed it over to buffalo exchange and goodwill. curtis says i can't take everything that's left. somehow i have to fit what i own into 2 balikbayan boxes. phooey! --- for my non-flip friends, a balikbayan box is a standard size box that filipinos use to haul all kinds of goodies back to the motherland. it's very TSA and FAA compliant.

well, with renewed vigor i thought i would show curtis that i'm more than capable of flashing fashion with a limited closet. i set my goal for 1.5 boxes... i got close. after 3 passes thru what was left of my closet, i selected 40% of what i had left (because i'm a math nerd, i worked out that it was 27% of my original closet). i got it to fit in 1.75 boxes. now i just need to go thru my shoe closet and hope to god that i don't exceed the 50lb per box limit.


  1. it was a valiant effort love but we still had to pay an extra 150 for going over... by a whole box... good thing i love you xoxo!

  2. Hahah that's hilarious! I remember going to PI and I was one of the only ones who had a balikbayan box ;P. Oh and when I got married in PI 5 years ago, 30 of my relatives went to PI.. they had to rent a UHAUL to bring all the boxes to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Can you just imagine everyone's expression when they saw they uhaul at LAX!? good times.. good times hehee

  3. omg! ok... your fam has mine beat. fo sho.