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Monday, September 22, 2008

destination unknown

it's still very surreal to me that curtis and i just packed up and whisked our way off to destinations unknown. by that i mean it's an unsure future. sure we know that we'll be staying in the philippines. we also know that we have 6 months to experiment. we needed to set some guidelines so 6 months is the amount of time we've allotted ourselves for discovery. there are some ideas we want to work on, some more feasible than others. i still want to pursue my photography out here. there is tremendous opportunity to break into the wedding and fashion industry out here. but first, it really is just a break from life. a time to take a moment and re-evaluate our priorities and life direction. the world is changing and we're missing a lot of it.

anyway....thought i'd clue you guys in on some fun facts comparing the philippines and california..
  • the philippines is comprised of 7,100 islands totalling a span of 300k sq km (115.8 sq mi). population is estimated at 91M
  • california on the other hand spans 411k sq km (158.7 sq mi) with a population estimate of 36.5M

.... interesting. till next time!

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