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Monday, September 22, 2008


the girl knows her hip hop. meet kari, my hip hop teacher from OCC. i dragged curtis to one of her classes last semester. he couldn't keep up coz she kicks ass... he went back to surfing.

she needed some new pix for her portfolio so we headed off to orange circle with her roomie maribeth and flashed some smiles on the street. this is just a few of the things we came up with.

anyway... she just finished an intesive masters program this summer and she's got all new material and inspiration to work from. so intensly jealous that i can't be there this semester to reap the benefits of all that new fun :(. next time!


  1. Hey friend!!! Miss you!!! How's the adjusting to life in the philippines??? Ok, so how the heck did you do the pick where she's in all these different dance moves in one frame, and nothing is blurry???

  2. oh that was a fun one wasn't it? first i set the focus on the wall. i had the camera on shutter speed priority and shooting jpeg (so i could get more bursts per second). i counted to 3, told her to start moving and just held the button down. then on ps i layered all the pictures one on top of the other, and started making holes on each layer so that i could see the person below it. neat huh?! i bet there's better ways to do it but this one was fun!