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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


it's all too often that my camera buddies and i will get together and discuss gear at length. curtis rolls his eyes at this quite often. i guess... we're just geeks at heart :)

trial and error on camera equipment can be so expensive and time consuming that it's such a benefit to know and hear what everyone else is using. i know that when i browse thru blogs and sites of the pros i love taking a peek at their gear list.
sara france came up with a neat way to share what equipment she's got in her pack. she added a link to amazon that shows you exactly what she's got. i loved the idea so much i thought i would do the same.

check out the link on the left margin for "in the bag" or on the bottom of the page showing sample items. gone are the days of providing obscure model numbers that i can't ever seem to get right. there are 3 categories in the store.
  1. what i've got in the bag
  2. what i "NEED" to add to the bag
  3. the books that have helped me thus far

isn't it neat?

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