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Thursday, September 25, 2008

our first week in the philippines

here's the picture i've been promising everyone. curtis with hair! we were at the mall shopping. i turned my back for one second and my aunt encourages him to put this wig on. i stopped laughing long enough to take the picture. yikes! he so strikingly resembles the girl in the ring. don't you think? it was disconcerting.. i had to add the picture of him normal to the set just to remind me that he's just my curtis.

there are a few things i look forward to whenever i come home. laughter in my family is infectious. ours is a warm, welcoming, loving and laughing family. i could stay up with them for days just enjoying the company. when my grand parents celebrated their 60th anniversary, the whole clan flocked home to gather. 32 people around the table for meals was a blast.

the family cook has been with us since my dad's little days over 50 years ago and her recipes in my heart (and in my tummy) are still unparalleled. i come home looking forward to her spoiling me and my palate.

and most of all it's just relaxing. enjoying the time and resting. that's what we've been up to these last few days. sleep, eat and be happy. this weekend the family is trekking to san juan, la union to check out our new home weather permitting.
the pictures above are just a small representation of my family taken at my sister's birthday. happy birthday mariles!

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