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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

wide angle lens

which lens do i spend my money on? this seems to always be a nailbiting decision up until the point i hit the BUY button (i shop online for just about everything camera related).

i've been wanting an extra wide lens. it's such a challenge when i've got an EF-S mount camera currently and i want to graduate to a full size sensor. it makes the lens picking decision twice as hard. well no more! i've decided that i will always have an EF-S mount as a backup. i'll get that full size sensor eventually but i can happily purchase EF-S mounts with peace of mind.

that said, my new baby is the tokina 11 - 16 f2.8. it had awesome reviews and i couldn't wait to get my greedy lil hands on it.


  1. You're awesome, love the post-processing on the lower shot. Great work, looking forward to seeing more blog posts!

  2. Love the color saturation in the top photo. I'm a fellow photo geek too come stop by my blog and say hi.... klasenews.blogspot.com