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Sunday, June 28, 2009

mila | geek speak . monitor calibration

up till now i had taken the whole monitor calibration thing for granted. i got it into my head recently that i need to pay attention to those details especially if i'm going to print some of these photos. i started asking around at the [b]school to find out if anyone had any suggestions for the most affordable way to calibrate my monitor. dear alfred replied with..."borrow a calibrator". it's free! lol! so i did! alfred lent me his pantone huey and it worked like a charm. it's amazing how much of a difference it really made! the pictures i tool of alicia a couple of blog entries ago really came out so much better!

so here's the thing... once you calibrate your monitors you have to maintain it. i didn't realize that. i had returned the calibrator back to alfred and kept working on other projects since. i had a sneaking suspicion that my monitor was off again so i jumped down to frys and bought my own calibrator (can't be a mooch forever right?) i purchased the spyder 3 which wasn't much of a price diff from the pantone huey and had uber rave reviews. holy cow!!!! why didn't anyone tell me that the last blog post (with the pictures of my sis) were so dark?!?!?!

my profuse apologies to my sister. here's the calibrated version of her shots. see the diff??? btw... next time you guys see pix of her you'll see a HUGE diff! she's rockin a sassy new haircut now!

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  1. Hilarious! Cause on my monitor the first set looked fine and the second set looked too light. Looks like I need a monitor calibrator!