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Sunday, June 21, 2009

mila | portraits . alicia

i want you guys to meet alicia. she loves....

  • science -- just like her mom
  • sports -- she's so active she plays a different sport everyday
  • the outdoors
  • ping pong -- well i actually don't know if she loves it but i wouldn't cross her path at ping pong even if could actually play. she's REALLY good.
  • the beach -- ah don't we all??
  • a tree at her school
  • her dog sarah. is that not the cutest name for a dog?
when lil girls grow up they don't stop being the apple of their dad's eye. i was hoping i would finish this in time for today. eking by.... happy father's day to my good friend peter!


  1. Love love love the lighting on that first one!! Spot on. Where was that at? Looks like a park near my house. Awesome job Michelle!

  2. This is my favorite session of yours yet! I love them all, esp. the first one and the first b&w one too! Awesomeness!

  3. that first image is perfection. on a side note her dog sarah looks EXACTLY like my doggie kona. exactly.