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Saturday, June 13, 2009

mila | one more time . sarah + mark

hanssie invited me to a "trash the dress" session at the beach. i was thrilled! you should have seen my face when i met the couple. GOD LOVES ME! they were gorgeous! i was thrilled-ER!!!

sarah and mark got married three years ago and sarah still fits in her dress. she joked that this would be the last time -- coz after the session she was planning on letting herself go. ha! that's what mark said. ha! we all laughed. they were the perfect couple. omg they were so sweet and lovey and every shot was absolute heaven. hanssie and i were ridiculously giddy. every click was an exclamation of joy and a leap. my calves are so buff from all that jumping.

and as if all this wasn't enough... my friend todd had loaned me his canon 5D (just the first generation one since the mkII stays close to him at all times)..and i had it for the shoot!!!! i was in the heaven past heaven.

p.s. in the mila world ... we're naming these types of sessions "ONE MORE TIME". coz you get to wear the dress... one more time. SNAP! mmm hmm that's right.


  1. DUDE...I'm jealous of these! love that one w/ her whipping her hair back and the one right above it w/ her laying the water. super sexy!

  2. AWESOME!! I would have love to shot this with you...

  3. OMG! I loved all of them. Especially the one where she's flipping her hair. I've always wanted to do that.

  4. DANG! loving the diversity of all these shots.

  5. These are FABULOUS! I am speechless...