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Thursday, June 11, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . modeling

i'm a photographer.  curtis is my favorite subject.  that's the formula.  i've taken soooo many pictures of curtis that he's gotten very used to having a camera in his face.  throw in 20 more cameras and he won't even bat an eyelash unless it makes for a good look.  i've created a model!  an incredibly photogenic one i might add.  i on the other hand hate getting my picture taken.  i can take my own picture via timer or remote (i had to do this for my 365 project on flickr).  and i'll take about 96 of them just to find the one of me i'm ok with.  i can handle curtis taking the occasional picture as well but generally speaking i tend to contort my face into some "funny" to detract from my discomfort.  i just can't stand it.  

a few weeks ago i was on my way to a photographer get together to shoot some models out in riverside.  curtis was dropping me off on his way to a basketball game.  my friend hanssie (who was coordinating the whole thing) pulled the FRIEND CARD and asked curtis and i to step in as models because the real ones weren't able to make it.  groan.

thank god i had something decent on.  (i'd been working so hard on curtis' new mandate to not dress like the carpenter's assistant.  long story there.  i'll tell that one another time.)  i got to the venue and the makeup artists pulled some major magic (her name is kacee and she is awesome!).  she glammed me up real good!

curtis, mr.diva was not about to be outshown.  when he saw the makeup work he ran to the car where he oh so conveniently had a change of clothes sitting in the trunk.  out came my spectacular model ready to play.  he's such a sport!  i just love him.

it was a fun afternoon with a great set of people.  i worked hard not to contort my face for all those photographers and i guess i ended up talking instead of making faces to hide my discomfort.  curtis had to keep reminding me that "models don't talk".  lol!  can you believe it?  

well... here's some of the shots from that day.  if you're on my facebook you've seen these make the rounds.  there were 10 photographers that day but i couldn't get all the photos and some of them didn't have watermarks.  i'm sorry if i missed anyone :(


  1. It's a good thing you both are hot. Thanks again :)

  2. You're beautiful! (with or without makeup, but especially without!) Wow, you both totally rocked it as models!

  3. OMG. You two are BEYOND gorgeous!!! These shots are so wonderful, good thing Curtis was such a good sport :)

  4. You look gorgeous! I love that top shot, it just screams model to me. I also adore the shot Amber Fox got of your eyes. You too are one hot looking couple and couple of models.
    Kudos to you for stepping out from behind the camera. I'm rarely comfortable for that.

  5. You are such a cutie. I cannot believe that you think that way about yourself. BAD!!! BTW, I love your intro, especially the bit about "models don't talk." haha!!!

  6. One more thing: That first shot is AWESOME!!!

  7. you don't know me, just a random blog stalker, but holy crap - you are pretty! These pics are amazing. And I think your photography is amazing - Curtis is right - you are too hard on yourself.

  8. You are gorgeous! I love these! The different angles and views from each photog is wonderful.

  9. Yeah! You guys are hot!! :) Gorgeous guys!