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Friday, June 5, 2009

mila | portraits . chi

her name is sroechinee.  yep.  that's exactly what i thought... and her last name is twice as long and just as complicated so we'll call her chi.  lol.
chi was one of those friend of a friend that i met over the glorious internet and via email.  she was in town last week  from minnesota vacationing in "sunny" california.  too bad she left the warm sun back there and walked in to june gloom over here.  it didn't stop us from rockin a quick shoot at the newport hotel she was staying at though.  


  1. dude...these are frickin' awesome! I love that second one and the second to last one. great work michelle!

  2. These are wonderful Michelle! I love the 2nd one with the beautiful railings and the one with the fountain is just stunning.

  3. Okay, okay I cannot take it! Can you please share the hotel if you don't mind. I want to stay here sometime when I visit Cali. I just cannot get over the railing and the amazing tilework. If there is such a thing as a tile geek, I am definitely it. :)

  4. hey jess, chi was staying at the marriot at fashion island in newport beach. great place!