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Sunday, May 31, 2009

mila | 20.20.20

20 bucks . for 20 minutes . on the 20th

have you noticed how EVERYONE you know is on the net now? facebook, twitter, myspace, eharmony, chemistry, linkedin, IM .. the cyber community is taking over the world. people even access their networks via phone these days. face time is replaced by electronic communication and your profile picture is your handshake.

what does your profile picture say about you? do you even have a picture or did you post one of a cute puppy coz you couldn't find one you liked? hmmm? if you don't have one, need a new one, know someone who needs one or just want a spare one for yourself... come join me for this special session.

the pimp out your profile session

i've got the studio booked and i have 10 slots. for $20 you, me and my camera spend 20 minutes havin a blast jazzin up that profile. we'll get a new picture of you that says "oh yeah!!" on the next cyber handshake.

interested? here's the details...

  • THE DATE | 06.20.09
  • THE TIME | you decide. i have slots from 11 - 3
  • THE PLACE | fullerton, CA
  • THE PRICE FOR A SWEET NEW PROFILE?? $20 -- it's a great deal... promise!

you know you want to! just send me an email at michelle@milaPhotography.com and i'll send you ALL the details plus answer all your questions. hurry hurry! don't wait too long. 10 slots fill up super quick.


  1. GAWSH! Why can't I live closer to Cali? This is a great idea, and I cannot wait to see some of the wonderful photos that will come from it.

  2. What a great idea! Kudos to you!