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Saturday, May 9, 2009

mila | occassions . mother's day

before we left for the philippines curtis and i had to clean house to consolidate two households into manageable boxes to be stored in my garage while my cousin moved in.  we threw out so much stuff!  buried deep in the bowels of my garage was a large box of clothes.  they were my mom's clothes.  we sent all her clothes to goodwill after she passed but there were a handful of pieces that i simply couldn't part with.  just looking at them reminded me so much of her.  her favorite floral dress, a gown she hand beaded and wore as a lounge singer, her wedding dress.  seeing them again made me cry that day.  i tucked them all back into the box after going thru each of them.  i put the box back under the stairs, and gave them a loving pat... till the next time.  

this week we have been moving back into the house and i've had to put everything away and reorganize like crazy.  i've made room in the closet for curtis and cleaned out more stuff from the house.  then i decided to rearrange my accessory center.  yes... i have an accessory center.  it's sooooo kool looking now!  it almost looks like an accessory counter at urban outfitters or something.  anyway, in the process of all this i had to go thru my mom's jewelry box.  and there i was crying AGAIN.  some pieces just leave a lasting impression -- you know what i mean?  and my mom... she WAS an impression in herself.  i miss you mom.  i miss tita enda, her sis who's gone now too and was a great mom to me after mom passed.  and i sooooo miss my mama (grandma).  happy mother's day to you three wherever you are.

and to my two other favorite moms who count me as their eldest child -- i have to remind them sometimes that i am coz sometimes they forget.  tita candy and tita clem, happy mother's day!

some things will always remind me of my mommy.  these were a few of her favorite things.

and finally... check out my new accessory center!!!


  1. wow, nice accessory center!!...i'm sure the 3 of them are still watching over you :-)
    take care!!

  2. accesory center is intense! Love the wall color too! and remember, your 3 moms are always with you because they are a part of your heart, a part of you.
    p.s. welcome back to the states!

  3. girrrrrrl!! LOVE this post! And I am drooling over your accessories center....wanna come make one for me too?!

  4. beautiful post michelle! you're mom would be so proud of you organizing your accessories center!

  5. Just randomly found your blog... great stuff!


  6. Okay. You need to come organize my accessories like that!!

  7. yea...that has aquarian all over it...stuff on top of stuff...HAHA