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Monday, May 18, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . art surge

i've always had a creative streak in me.  how many of you know that i bought my first (and current) big girl camera using money i saved from selling the earrings i used to make?  i am a junk pack rat not just coz i'm sentimental but because i see potential use for EVERYTHING.  i'm a frustrated artist.  i can't draw, i can't paint but i can put things together like jewelry and mixed media pieces (hell i try anyway).  and i thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in art.  i love the inspiration that comes from being surrounded by it in all forms.

on friday we took a walk around santa ana's art district and picked up some flyers on events around the hood this month.  btw, for those of you that didn't realize that santa ana had an art district you need to look it up.  it's way kool.  the residents host an art walk every 3rd saturday of the month on santiago street .  it's a great display from a variety of artists -- photography to clothing to pop surrealism.  curtis always gets an itch to pick up his pencils whenever we take these art walks.  btw, how many of you know that curtis is an excellent charcoal sketch artist?  

on saturday i met up with a couple girlfriends (and their munchkins) to take a walk around the lot next to bower's museum where they were hosting patchwork.  it's an indie arts and crafts show -- like etsy in the real world!  how awesome is that?  good thing i'm on a budget these days coz i coulda blown half a paycheck on that lot.  i caved in and picked up a couple more trinkets that now hang in my awesome accessory center {big grin of pride}.  

walking around all that creativity infused me with inspiration and bubbles.  i know it sounds funny but i just feel bubblier after being there.  don't mock the silly moments.  i get giddy when i find artist like patricia lucas and her husband mike pedersen whose art pieces make me smile.  and danni hong of oh, hello friend whose accessories i couldn't get enough of.  btw, mike pedersen is also a photographer and his artistic talent is evident in his collection.  his gallery of photographs makes me want to strip my website down in shame.  he's amazing.  i wish i had a tenth of the artistry he has.  next to him i'm just a shutter clicker.

anywayz.... here's a new hair clippy for my growing mop.  something from danni hong's shop.


  1. love the rhyme at the end! and i love the hair clippy thing! i envy that you can pull it off.