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Friday, May 29, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . going green

i so wanna go green.  i want to join the quest to be kinder to our environment.  one of the things that saddened me as i walked through the beauty of the philippines was finding trash in the most remote beaches.  there wasn't a soul for stretches of sand and yet the beach was littered with empty bottles and plastic.  it was clear that these items were brought in with the tide.  how could we be so careless?  sometimes i think i'm just oblivious or ignorant or just plain ol lazy.  even for simple things like bringing your own bag for groceries seems like a chore.  i seriously put bags in both cars so that at the drop of a hat i was prepared but i would walk into a store and completely forget to bring them down.  how lazy am i that i would rather just buy another bag than walk out to the car?

before you throw tomatoes at me i want you to know that i'm working on getting better.  baby steps...
  • i now have a compact cloth satchel in my purse at all times.  
  • i keep giant blue ikea bags as well as grocery bags in the cars and i'm training myself to make it second nature to take them down with me.  
  • i'm weaning myself off of bottled water in the house and instead keep a pitcher of lemon/orange water in the fridge.  the agua fresca approach is my biggest incentive.  
  • i WALKED to the farmer's market today and bought produce from local farmers... that's two stars in one sentence!  
  • i received some info from the anaheim public utilities about how to save water, energy and money in the mail last week and i'm reading up.  
anyone have any other suggestions?  remember... baby steps 

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  1. Hiya! My friends and I put up a group website at www.greenkubo.org so we can remind each other go go green and stay green. Want to join?