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Sunday, May 24, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . passing tests

cammie (my camera) and i had to go in for a sensor cleaning yesterday.  i've been wanting to do this since we got back from the PI (philippine islands).  a camera's worst enemies are salt, dust and water... all of which i've exposed my camera to in vast quantities these past months.  the humidity alone gave me pause for concern.  coming in and out of airconditioning and shooting in the heat caused condensation.  shooting on small boats with salt water splashing around me was a little disconcerting.  partying in sandy beaches with dust getting kicked up along with beer fountain splashes.... whoo!  yeah... 7 1/2 months of all that and cammie needed some cleaning attention i was pretty sure.  calumet was having a $10 sensor cleaning day so i thought i would take advantage of it.

i walked in, told the guy at the counter what cammie and i had been up to (i wanted to make sure he didn't judge me too harshly when he looked inside).  and then asked for a simple sensor cleaning.  10 minutes, $10 and a big smile later he tells me ... "whatever it is you've been doing, keep it up.  there really wasn't much in there at all".  wow!!!  wooow!  it seriously one of those moments ... like going to the dentist and being told you don't have cavities despite your lack of regular flossing.  what a relief!  i was so ready to be judged and the gavel came down on cotton.  phew!

here's a shot of some of the things cammie and i have seen.  there's actually a whole story to this photo but i'll tell that one another day.  it's part of a project i'm working on.


  1. can't wait for the story! and congrats on keeping a pretty clean cammie ;o)