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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . fighting is good

well... we're back in the states.  curtis and i were discussing the trip last night and i asked him if he had any regrets.  he said no.  then i asked... what about the fights?  (oh yes, we had arguments... a couple of big ones even.  it was a long trip and patience runs thin at times.  it's normal.)  anyway, he says that he was glad we fought.  i don't particularly like confrontation (although an occassional release of frustration feels damned good) but you can image my confusion at this statement.  when asked to explain further curtis gave me two reasons.  first, he said that we got along so well that it seemed surreal at times.  the fights gave the relationship a healthy dose of reality.  in other words... it wasn't a hollywood movie set of perfection and confection.  secondly, everytime we worked out our differences it meant we communicated and resolved our issues...we were forging stronger bonds.  wow!  i couldn't argue the truth in both of his reasons.  i was won over.  so rare coz i'm miss realistic, over analytical and always right.  lol.  but now ... i regret nothing as well ... well ... maybe my tendency to overpack but whatever!

so this picture was from new years.  check out my rocking eyelashes!!!  don't you love glue-ables?  anyway... i was possessed by vanity (and the need to relive this flutter moment) before i left the philippines.  i went to the salon and i paid the equivalent of $14 to have these kick ass eyelash extensions put on and they last for 3 months!  oh yeah!  


  1. wow!!! you are one hot WOman!!!!

    Are you glad to be back?

  2. My husband and I have a similar thought on fighting - it grounds you and keeps things real. Love the eyelashes - you're beautiful!

  3. I'll take someone to fight with... know anyone who is interested???ok, not just for fighting, but,..:)