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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

mila | random nuggets . what's your mental age?

" ... it seems like everybody's mental image of themselves stops somewhere in their life -- eighteen, twent-eight, sometimes even younger. -- and they stay there inside as the rest of their body ages."

sunny jacobs
stolen time

if i had to pick an age that i feel i am... i'd say 25.  in the last few years i've cleaned out my closet (mostly to make room for new clothes).  and as i've combed through what has to stay and what has to go, i realized that my perception of myself has aged.  apart from the clothes that didn't fit me anymore i threw out the clothes that i thought looked too young for me.  when i realized that i laughed then i went silent.  i'm getting old.  

now i know you guys are gonna say that i look young anyway and what am i worried about.  first off --- blushing!  haha!  but really, my friend joy and i once discussed that people get stuck in a clothing genre at some point.  i'm concerned about what genre i'm stuck in or going to be stuck in!  for goodness sake, the 80's are trying to make a comeback!

my closet used to be as diverse as a mall.  i had outfits for every occassion from goth and punk to orange county and philippine conservative.  i can't say that i'm as eclectic anymore either.  i've gotten lazy .. or worse... tired.  i don't even wear makeup everyday anymore!  this realization is rather alarming.  it's just cause for a shopping expedition down the line.  i'm just sayin.  

so tell me... what age would you say you are?  and does your closet need a fresh turn?  let's go shopping!

here's a picture from our goodbye get together in manila.  that's me, my cousin carizza and my friend sylvia.  curtis was busy playing pool as usual.


  1. Um, I'll go shopping with you when you finally come home! :) And, I LOVE THAT THE 80s ARE COMING BACK! :)

  2. 3 days and counting katie! and as for the 80's ... 2 things worry me. shoulder pads and crayola colored jeans.

  3. I hate the 80's. Love shopping though. If only I were a millionaire, I'd totally revamp my entire closet!

  4. welcome to my world... make-up is such a hassle!

  5. hey I remember the renegade prom at Sylvia's mansion! hehehe

  6. sorry the above comment was from me, Ojay