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Sunday, April 5, 2009

mila | portraits . lontoc family

meet jaime, tin and isabelle, friends of the stolks .  sylvia and chris stolk, whose family portraits i shot last november, decided to get their good friends the lontocs a christmas gift that would keep on giving.  a family portrait shoot of their own.  thanks guys for introducing us to a sweet family of super awesome cooks!  oh happy grub!

tin and jaime opted for an outdoor shoot.  we packed up the family and a few friends and headed out to matuod beach for a fun overnighter.  (it's called matuod because tuhod = knees and the water at this beach is knee high for about a hundred yards).  tin is miz prepared let me tell you.  she busted out the laptop with some really great ideas on the kinds of photos that she loves.  she's a ginormous TWILIGHT fan (oh yes, we see eye-to-eye on this) so straight out of the poster shots we sucked up a lot of inspiration.  

the lontocs have a plot of land next to this fun beach that they are planning on turning into a goat farm.  it was the perfect meadow-y hill to get the shots we were going for.  we let little isabelle chase after baby goats, attempt sneak attacks on not so friendly cows and just basically run free like super baby complete with cape as mom and dad looked on (please note that no animals or children were harmed during this photoshoot).  then we waded on the water till sunset.  sigh.  what a great day.


  1. Okay so from now on all my shoots have to have farm animals. How cool is that??!! Great first shot. It's my favorite and made me tear up of course!

  2. wow michelle! ang galing! great angles and colors ... perfect moments captured! thanks for sharing :) keep them coming ...

  3. these are so beautiful. especially that second one. wow.

  4. What a FUN family to shot! I love the feel of these photos and the silhouette shots with the sunset are to die for.