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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

mila | news . stuck in indonesia

whooooooops!  i swear i checked it a bazillion times but i guess you see what you wanna see.  we were supposed to be flying back to manila today (april 16).  we're in bali right now.  that's right... we're back in bali.  we love bali!!!  anywayz, we got to the airport and the ticketing agent frowns and says... your flight is on the 22nd.  we were like -- huh?  omg!  the travel agent screwed up!  we're stuck in bali for another week?!?!  [remember to look upset.  don't be so giddy.  she's gonna know you aren't that upset.  control...]  she tried to get us in to today's flight anyway but the plane was overbooked as it was.  she apologizes profusely.  it wasn't even her mistake.  we're not even upset.  hehehe.

yep!  that's right.  we're taking it as a sign from the heavens.  we are refusing to fight the fates that want us to stay here another week.  we'll be moving the trip from manila to US to the 27th or 28th.  we should still be home in time for cinco de mayo.  in the meantime, i'll work on my tan (i'm already a good shade of coco curtis brown) and a compilation of stories from the back of the motorcycle speeding down the left lane.  

this picture is actually from la union (philippines) back in november or something like that -- when i was paler and curtis and i still had US burger and beer remnants around our waists (curtis is oh so svelt these days).  i may have shared this pix before but i need one for this post and it's a goodie.  


  1. Only you two would be lucky enough to get stuck somewhere like that.. last time i got stuck it was on mothers day and all I wanted was to be home.. That is it for now on we travel together....Love ya


  2. You act like being stuck there is a bad thing. :-D