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Friday, April 10, 2009

mila | news

the tickets have been purchased.  some boxes are packed and i've still got so much to do.  it's time to come home!  we're heading back to the US on april 22.    six months of blissful sunny living is finally winding down.  i was laying on the beach yesterday pondering over the next move overwhelmed by a mixture of feelings.  trepidation, excitement, worry, happiness, sadness .. what a convoluted set of emotions!  i thought i'd sort out these feelings with my usual approach.  make lists:

what we're looking forward to:
1. seeing our friends and family
2. michelle: photoshoot outs with my buddies hanssie and ming 
3. being productive again ... yes... we are ready again.
4. michelle: signing up for pilates, yoga and hiphop -- maybe even women's crew
5. curtis: basketball
6. good mexican food
7. michelle: the freedom of driving on open roads
8. high speed internet!!!  -- you guys seriously don't even know.  i'm sure you've all forgotten how slow slow can be
10. curtis: more good mexican food

what we're going to miss:
1. friends and family
2. beautiful, clear, warm, happy beaches
3. the sights and sounds of the world
4. 50 cent beer
5. cheap but excellent dining
6. a variety of fresh yummy exotic fruit
7. not having to do any house work
8. esther 
9. not HAVING to be productive
10. not being able to excercise -- it's what i told myself anyway.  besides... we've been eating healthy!

for our philippine friends ... we'll be back!  promise!  and we look forward to seeing our US friends soon.

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