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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . new experiences

in samar we would putt around the island on a lil motorbike.  curtis would drive and i would be the backseat passenger.  our bike didn't have a working horn so we had to improvise.  curtis would yell BEEP BEEP! whenever necessary.  

every now and then i would see farm animals on the road.  i would happily squeal CHICKEN! whenever i saw one.  curtis would argue that it was a rooster or a little chick or a hen and i would insist on CHICKEN regardless of gender or size.  we would go back and forth for a while until i saw a different animal and yell moo-cow! or dawg! or kitty! to change the subject.  he resorted to responding with the animal sound.  that made me giggle.  then he started up with using animal sounds instead of beep sounds when we needed the horn.  people would give us a funny look and i would just laugh.  it was child-like, worry-free living.  i heart that.  

the game has carried into our bali trip.  sometimes i get lost in my thoughts and miss out on the animal sightings.  curtis makes the sounds now without my prompting waking me from my reverie.  yesterday was almost like that.  curtis was grunting a deep moo sound (different from the usual moo trust me) and then i felt the bike go faster!  i looked over to see the cows he was calling attention to and was surprised to see them RUNNING!  this may come as a surprise to you but i have NEVER seen cows running in person before.  3 cows running parallel to the road and curtis egging them on like some sort of rancher!  i'm worrying that they're gonna cross the road in front of us at any moment and he wants to play cowboy and catch up to them!  ugh.  boys will be boys.  by the time i found my voice again we had passed the danger.  he laughed at me and was surprised that i never saw cows running before.  puhleeze.  as if!  he grew up in orange county ... in the city!  that got me thinking though.  running cows doesn't seem so unusual and yet i never saw that before yesterday!  i probably have seen and done a lot of things that i take for granted that other people have never even considered and i've missed out on a few of the usual things.  case in point... i only learned how to ride a bicycle last summer.  do you have a "normal" thing that you have yet to experience?

cliff diving doesn't count as normal in my book but it's an everyday adventure for these kids....

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  1. Geez. I once went "cliff" diving...off a very high bridge. It took me 30 minutes to work up the nerve and I had to jump with my boyfriend holding my hand...I'm a wuss.