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Thursday, April 2, 2009

mila | portraits . yap family

nixie and i go back to high school days.  we were in the same group through the last two years of high school and we both did ballet.  we lost touch after i left but found each other again sometime after college when she moved to the states.  now she's happily married to vince (adventure guy and avid diver) and  they've travelled the world together.  some people like to collect mugs or magnets from their travels, these two collected tiles.  they've got a beautiful new home with a wall full to share.  

adding to the family, they now have 2 adorable children nikki and enzo.  enzo is a bundle of energy and serious camera poser.  he's got silly faces and mad ideas for the avid photographer.  little nikki i'm thinking is his biggest fan.  you'll see her imitating everything he does.

for our short little portrait hour enzo was our posing guru.  he dictated what everyone else did.  watch out for mom and dad imitating the little guy =)


  1. Great pictures! I LOVE the silly faces. They look like such a FUN family!