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Saturday, April 18, 2009

mila | random nuggets

curtis is in heaven.  he's been surfing 4 to 5 hours a day on some pretty good waves.  this leaves me a happy lil clam on the beach with a good book.  i'm probably averaging a book every 3 days.  

today i finished "the girls ", a novel by lori lansen.  it's an easy read about rose and ruby, a pair of conjoined twins.  it's written in the first person (supposedly) as an autobiography of one of the twins.  ah the treasures one finds in dusty bookstores!  anyway, whenever i come across a line that hits me i usually write it into my journal but since this is my online journal of sorts i thought i'd share it with everyone instead of keeping it to myself.

            "...i understand that i am me, but i am also we."  

it's such a powerful statement.  it's something that everyone in a relationship struggles with.  everyone from the 2 person team like husband and wife to larger bodies like president and country.  

curtis was driving us back to kuta and i hung on from the back of the bike.  the wind was pressing down on my helmet then rushing past my face.  i love the rushy feeling of the countryside whizzing by.  i'm chewing on that line in the book.  i took notice of it -- it's a reminder that i need to be mindful of curtis, it's also a nudge to make sure that curtis is mindful of me (i need to tell him this).  

our trip back to the US is only slightly delayed and a we got a few days reprieve from reality.  i've been worried about how i'm going to pick up again.  where do i even begin?  curtis says i worry too much.  i probably do.  he tells me that WE are going to be ok.  i take a breath and remember that i'm not alone.  yes, WE will be just fine.  

tomorrow i'm hunting for something new to read.  i'm open to suggestions.

a shot SOOC (straight out of camera) bravely using my big girl camera + superwide angle lens while hanging on to curtis from the back of a motorbike.  more tales from the left lane to come.  


  1. What does "slightly delayed" mean??

  2. "...i understand that i am me, but i am also we."

    I love it!!! Pick up the book "Geek Love" by Katherine Dunn. Let me know who you are in the book if you read it.