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Sunday, April 26, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . sidekick

i was updating my blog welcome message just now (see above) and in there i made use of the word "sidekick" in reference to curtis.  he snuck a peek over my shoulder and grimaced.  then to further show his dissent with my choice of words he started to tickle me until i promised to "fix" it.  lol.  really i didn't mean it in the way of curtis being robin to my batman.... more like we're the wonder twins!

last week i was sick again (with another cold).  now anyone who knows me knows that i'm a terrible sickie.  my co-workers used to call me patient zero or typhoid mary coz i would infect everyone.  for some reason my body likes to prolong the mucous elimination process.  i would go thru boxes of tissues!  i know that's gross.  sorry.  i'm just trying to explain.  and as bad as i was during the day i was even worse at night.  laying down would bring on coughing fits that would make me throw up.  then i'd have to blow my nose.  it was horrid -- enough to make me cry from frustration sometimes.  no sleep for me and of course there was no way curtis would be able to sleep through all that noise either.  i'd feel so bad.  

just a few nights ago i rolled over exhausted and apologetic.  i had to say sorry to him yet again for depriving us both of sleep.  he gave me a tired smile, patted me on my arm and said... "it's part of being WE.  i love you babycakes."  i melted.  

we've been together for something like 4 years now and up until now we had separate addresses.  when we decided to go on this trip curtis let go of his rental place in costa mesa.  it's a place that he lived in for 12 years.  it was tiny, cozy, beautiful and we both loved the place but we needed to let go of some things to go on this journey.  that well loved place was one of them.  when we return to california next week we'll be consolidating our lives under one roof.  it's one of the steps we've decided on to move forward.  it's part of being WE.

i should be so lucky to have such a patient friend, partner ... sidekick.  i'm so lucky to be loved.  i'm so lucky to be a part of WE.


  1. I LOVE this picture! You two are adorable!

  2. LOVE the post! May you both be blessed with patience and fortitude when you get back home... to your "newly consolidated" home. :)

  3. You guys are so freaking cute! I LOVE that pic of you...

    Oh and Missy, you need to eat better and get healthy!