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Thursday, May 7, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . food = pounds

between all the activity and the difference in our food consumption curtis and i lost some weight after all the travel.  actually curtis lost a lot of weight and i lost a couple of pounds sweating in the heat.  anyway, it was a welcome change for both of us.  now...  we walk into a restaurant and we feel alarmed.  the portions are much larger.  the food itself is a pile of weight waiting to be added back on. things were much fresher and less saturated in badness back in asia it seemed. and then there's the price.  oh god i don't know that we'll ever get used to the prices here again.  we're trying our hardest not to convert back to pesos or rupia or whatever else we used in asia.  we fed ourselves with amazing fares at a fraction of what it costs here.  i feel like we're dishing out big dollar so i can run to the gym and work it all off.  lol.  i think i miss asia already and it's only been 5 days since we've been back.  thank god for shabu shabu which is what we had for lunch today.  much healthier than the in-n-out i was craving last night.

yeah... i'm thinkin we're getting hit with culture shock.  the roads feel soooo wide.  the air is crisp.  we're feeling cold in the california weather.  curtis was freezing in the water when he went surfing yesterday.  i still hate the dmv.  the cost of eating healthy is atrocious (which reminds me... i need to sign up for some excercise).  i fell in love with target again.  i want to shop!   all that and we still need to restart our careers.  we're almost done moving into the house (from the garage).  next week we begin job hunting and i need to start lining up some photo sessions.  it's time to make money again.  

and on that note... we headed over to the library today and got ourselves some library cards!  it's been eons since i've gone to the library for books.  you know what???  it's changed a lot!  you can rent movies and mp3 tunes and books on mp3 now!  boo-ya!  and it's just a block from my house!  free books and free excercise if i walk over!  can it get any better than that?  


  1. Ugh...I've gained about 10lbs in the last few months from eating out so much. No time nor inclination to cook! You need to move closer to me so you can force my to the gym and to eat better!

  2. hans since i'm still moving YOU should move closer to me. haha! and i WILL force your [bleep] to the gym coz i so need a gym partner.

  3. Welcome back! I love this picture. You guys are so creative!