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Sunday, May 31, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . tripping over words

i guess the words "sweep" and "close-out" are not the same as "blow-out". i'm trying really hard to keep up with the basketball terminology. hell, i'm trying to keep up with basketball period. i was getting into an engaging conversation with curtis over how the lakers won the 6th game of the semi-finals (curtis just corrected me again, apparently it's called the western championship).... and we were talking about how they kicked some major a$$. but this is how our conversations always go.

i'm constantly reaching for the words or the proper colloquialism to express my thoughts. somehow i hardly ever get it right. i'm always shoving the wrong phrase into the right sentence. i totally get my point across coz curtis knows what's up (people i talk to usually do). in fact, he'll smilingly correct the verbal trip and we can both hope that i'll remember it the next time but it's not likely that i will. but that definitely means that he understood my point. i like to attribute it to my american pop-culture age (since i arrived here at the end of my teens i missed out on all the foundation years of TV, music and pop-culture) or it could be my ESL but it's most likely my awful memory. it's been pretty bad lately. anyone got a pill i can take to cure that?

took this picture with my phone. we were at the costa mesa speedway yellin an hollerin after dirt bikes with a bunch of fun friends. what a great night! sux that i can't make it bigger :(


  1. I know what you mean! But I recently read this article about brain exercises in Discovery Magazine - because it IS basically a muscle. There's a website they recommended that's devoted to brain exercises. They're convinced we can exercise memory, attention, reaction time, etc. lumosity.com Go : )

  2. omg nikka i'm sure you're right -- it's lack of excercise. everything is electronic now and i rely on all these gadgets to do everything for me. i'm jumping on to that site right now!

  3. you think you can share that website...........