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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . meet my support group

"don't have a plan B and you'll be forced to make plan A work.  plan B is for birds."  those are the words of my good friend john.  he was a successful salesman with an incredible dynamic personality.  today he is retired and enjoying life.  i am fortunate to have him as my mentor.  that statement came in response to a decision i made to pursue photography with everything i've got. i have chosen to turn my back on full time corporate life which is where i spent the last 15 years. this is quite the plunge.  

curtis in all his awesomeness has both feet on my a$$ kicking me out to the big girl photo world.  he's decreed that he would be our stable source of income, slaving away in corporate IT america and that i needed to pursue this dream.  as if that wasn't enough, he spends all his free time working on my website and de-stressing me whenever necessary.... and lemme tell you... it's always necessary.

thank god for my friends and family.  trista, my cousin, is racking her brain for marketing strategies.  my good friend todd sends me notes on technology and encouragement all the way from china.  oh... and here's the latest thing he did for me that i'm indebted to him for life for... he decided to sell me his first generation 5D (originally loaned to me) at a ridiculous discount!  i think he clicked the shutter on it all of two times it's so pristine!  peter keeps me busy with side jobs.  john gives me pep talks and words of wisdom (the guy should write a book!)  and my photo band (hanssie, alice, matt and regis) are a constant source of encouragement and support.

i am surrounded by so much love, even if i fall i wouldn't hit the ground with a thud. 

but i'm not done yet!  i want to tell you guys about my baby sister katrina.  she's the one who feeds me!  she's got a degree in culinary arts.  the kid is a chef ... an excellent one!  there are no words to describe how awesome she is in the kitchen.  you'll just have to come over for a taste test.  she keeps me fed and away from knives whenever possible.  she's a book worm, you wouldn't know it from these pictures but she's the more serious (and quiet) one of the two of us, she likes to tell me how to eat (and i love to listen), she cooks, she gardens, she rocks!  she's recently signed on to be my photo buddy at my 20.20.20 gatherings.  you really should come meet her some time.  she's always lookin for food guinea pigs. 


  1. What a cute chair! Love the idea with the book and all...Did I know you had a baby sis?

  2. When is this taste test? I'm hungry =)