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Monday, November 16, 2009

mila | mission san juan portrait photographer

twins!  most people cringe at the thought of juggling multiple babies at once but seriously... take a look at these two and tell me you wouldn't want several batches of them.  meet anne-marie, james and their brood of three (twins + one new addition).   

anne-marie opted to have the shoot at the beautiful mission san juan capistrano.  the kids looked like little angels flitting around the historic building.  they were in great spirits!  curious about everything and happy to smile, we had a great time.  we snuck in some couples shots while the kids were counting rocks.  can you believe this gorgeous couple hasn't gotten photos of them taken?!?!?  say what?!?!  yep... i took care of that.

p.s. if i could look like anne-marie 8 months after my baby is born i will be sooooo stoked.

GIRL + BOY -- first the kids, with mom and dad on the sidelines telling them not to laugh.  yeah right!

then we switched. 

with the kids on the sideline telling mom and dad NOT TO LAUGH!  yeah right!!!  guess who was laughing?

and now back to group shots...