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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . pondering over baby stuff

we're over half way with the pregnancy and i can really feel her moving around now (especially after yoga class).  curtis gets a big grin on his face every time he looks at the belly.  we get lotsa snuggle time these days with curtis pressing his ear onto my belly trying to hear her move around.  we talk to her a lot.  no singing... that would be bad.  trust me.  lots of discussion about names going on right now.  just lots n lots of stuff in the air waiting for her arrival.  we can't wait!

i think the thing we ponder over a lot is what she's going to look like.  even in the name conversation we often find ourselves saying that she won't look like a ... catherine or that we aren't an ...  elizabeth kind of couple.  it's almost like i'm going thru branding my business all over again.  trying to find the right fit.  something that reflects both our personalities and would suit her.  i come up with name ideas every week and every week we cross it all off and start over.  curtis is convinced that it will just come to him.  i'm afraid he needs to see her to get the light bulb.

i dug through our kid pictures looking for inspiration and clues as to what this lil munchkin is going to look like.  enjoy!

oh and i wanted to add these in here just to show that curtis has always been a photogenic camera poser.  wait till i scan in photos of him modeling for a clothing company ;)


  1. MICHELLE! Love seeing these photos! Your little girl is going to be GORGEOUS!

  2. Aww girl you were soooo cute! And Curtis is such a stud. Love the acid washed jeans! LOL!

  3. Michelle: You're baby is going to be soo beautiful!!