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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

mila | north orange county portrait photographer

i got ALL worried when she said it would be a family of 18 coming to the portrait session.  it was a one hour holiday mini where four families were coming together to get the full family portrait.  worried that it wasn't enough time to get all the shots we needed ... i brought in the big guns.  i dragged curtis along to this session.  better safe than sorry right?  well i was sooooo safe.  everything went super smoothly.  i roused the boy outta bed for nothin!

see how a family of 6 turns into a family of 18...like magic!


  1. Great job girlfriend, I have a hard time with big groups, my mind goes blank, family portraits are so precious, miss you

  2. Michelle, you are such a natural at placement, I watched you at the studio with another family and loved how creative you were using the mish-mosh of furniture pieces we had available. I need you to share some tips with me =-}
    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day with your Man and Bump.
    Love Candace

  3. Nive compositions! So who brought all the chairs, ladder and stool?