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Saturday, November 7, 2009

mila | tustin portrait photographer . hodgsons

running around a park with 2 boys and a soccer ball is a lot of fun and a lot of energy.  i don't know how cathy and ron do it all the time but they do it with huge smiles on their faces and plenty of laughs to go around.  i admire them so much!  

wyatt and morgan are growing by the yard it seems!  time goes by so quickly and the kids are sprouting like beans on steroids.  one blink and morgan (the little guy) who was drooling for my camera just a year ago was running past my frame so quickly the camera couldn't even keep up (neither could i actually).  i'm gonna have to upgrade my equipment to video just to keep up with these guys.  (hint hint wink wink.. cough ... canon mkII).

the first of a few holiday mini sessions.  and an incredibly fun one!  hope the kids slept well that night.  i sure knocked out. 

meet my new photographer assistant!  talk about guaranteed safety for my gear.  NO ONE would ever steal from a face like that!

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  1. how beautiful! i like the pic with all three of them piled on each other!