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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

mila | anaheim portrait photographer . the whitlows

what do you do when the kids don't want to cooperate for pictures?  you wait it out, you make fun of yourself, you make fun of them, or you do what i do... reassure the stressed out parents (who are likely embarrassed) that it's all good.  coz seriously... all these moods that the kids go through are part of their personality and should be recorded just as much as the adorable smiles they are bound to give up at some point during the session.

that's what i told my long time friend and fantabulously amazing hair dresser of 15 years.  gawd!  i cannot believe that i've been going to her for that long already.  HWOW (short for holy cow wow).  oh the stories i could tell you guys about the hair expeditions i've been through.  jen has talked me out of some crazy ideas and saved me from some dumb home attempts and always always always do i feel like a million bucks when i get up from her chair.  LOVE YOU JEN!  love your family too! ... your ever welcoming mom, funny man dennis and his little replica den and of course.. your budding rockstar tia!  

if you ever wanna give her chair a try you can find her at 

AG lounge 

14980 Sand Canyon Avenue, Irvine, CA
(949) 786-0585

just ask for jennifer alvarez whitlow.  sometime soon she'll have a website.  i just need to get my showit lessons and then we're making one for her.

the other thing i told jen is that pictures last forever... and some of them you wanna keep for a black mail chip later in life.  muwahahahha!

little den swearing that he was smiling and looking at the camera.  see?!?!?

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  1. Love the gold couch with girl play guitar shot!