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Sunday, December 6, 2009

mila | thanksgiving and family

my sister, the family chef, abandoned me for the shores of the dominican republic this last thanksgiving holiday.  as i panicked over who was going to feed me my cousin and his family came to the rescue.  jose and trista and their two adorable kids (caleb n chloe) drove down from salinas to spend the holiday weekend with us.  it was a blast!

six people crammed into our lil townhome for 5 days ... it was a whirlwind of energy and food at the house.  the kids were enjoying the wii and curtis' prized possession, crossbows and catapults.  if you've never heard about it, it's this neat game from the 80's where the kids use rubber bands and catapults to fling disks in the air and take each other's castles out.  hours of fun!

trista, bless her heart, came to my house laden with gifts!  my little girl has a wardrobe till she's two complete with shoes!  i love hand me downs!  she also filled me in on all kinds of baby info since reading about all this stuff is just too much work for me sometimes.  she's the bestest at knowing about organic foods and health alternatives.  that weekend we headed to target where she helped me setup my registry with all the must have stuff.  for all you gals out there that are preggy... THAT was ridiculously helpful!  all those baby products on the shelf were a little too overwhelming for me and honestly...i would never have known the diff or the reason for the diff between all the crazy baby bottle shapes!  so much relief.  3 months to go and i feel like we're pretty set.  now i just need to put all this stuff away ;)

there was so much activity going on and it was non-stop.  it wasn't until monday afternoon, in the shower, after all was quiet in the house again that i realized... holy cow.  this is what life's going to be like.  it really really hit me.  AS IN REALLY.  my quiet existence of 36 years is going to be coming to an end.  wow.  WOW.

so here's some pictures of my wonderfully energetic family.  the kids belong in magazines!!!

jose and i are cousins through our mothers.  having lost both of them within a year from each other we share tales of our youth to keep their memories alive.

love you guys lots!  thanks for bringing warmth and joy n lots of food into our home for the holidays.

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  1. These are so great Michelle! So much joy in the children's eyes. They definitely look a lot like you.

  2. LOVE these michelle!!! so beautiful!