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Sunday, December 27, 2009

mila | orange county boudoir photographer

aside from the normal sessions (engagements, weddings and portraits) i actually offer some really fun sessions with some really fun names.

  • one more time - some people call them "trash the dress" sessions but the dress isn't always trashed.  so i prefer to call it one more time.  it's a chance to wear that dress one more time.  brides can get creative with the session.  take the dress to a bowling alley, into the snow, out on the water, on a bike ... anywhere really!  jazz it up with fun shoes or no shoes, hair down, makeup done and no stress.  the time table is out the window and it's all about the couple, the outfit and fun.  scissors, paint, mud and other destructive implements are optional ;)
  • side show - photobooths at receptions and events are all the rage.  there are 2 options for these things.  the automatic one (rent a booth that has a camera and a printer) where you rely on your guests to come up with zany and fun poses all on their own.  because these booths usually come with a printer so your guests can walk away with a souvenir that night.  the other option i like to call the side show.  it's a photographer manned station where we encourage your guests to dig deep and let out the crazy.  talk about having fun reception shoots and an incredible addition to your wedding album.  either choice is awesome for adding some fun and personality to any event.
  • sugar n spice - the newest addition to my wedding package offerings is a boudoir session.  i'd been trying to come up with a fun name for it and i think i have it.  it's a great wedding present for that hubby to be or even an anniversary or valentine gift.  actually... it's awesome for any time of the year.  bonus points for surprise gifts that have no holiday associations and are "just coz" gifts right?  these sessions have an optional "pamper me into a diva" addition where the client gets a make-over as well.  hmmm... maybe the boys should buy these for the girls as a gift?  here's a sample from the latest session i did below.
a note to some... 

it is not my intent to offend.  it IS my intention to empower women to feel good about who they are and what they look like.  i could rant on for days on this subject but will leave it at that.  let this serve as my cautionary statement for viewing the following photos.


  1. Michelle, love love love these! They came out gorgeous! :-)

  2. AWESOME work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is gorgeous and sexy! :)

  3. hot! hot! hot! Beautiful work and a great new name for the session.

  4. Love these! You can really rock the 'sugar and spice'! :)

  5. Love these Michelle! She's stunning and you took amazing shots of her!!!