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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

mila | MY baby bump week 27

last month barni, my friend who works for parenting magazine philippines, emailed me asking for help.  she wanted to know if i could get her photos of a pregnant couple.... actually she said she wanted photos of me n curtis for an article she was writing.  and she needed it like yesterday.

last month the bump was noticeable but still not that big.  in order to look pregnant and not fat (or full), i had to wear a short tee, push the belly out and hope for the best.  on such short notice i couldn't find a photog to do the pictures for us either so i busted out my trusty tripod.  made some space on the wall, set the camera on timer and worked on some poses.  makes me smile... it was reminiscent of my 365 project days.

so here's some of the pictures from that set.  they were actually taken the same day as the week 24 bump picture.

so much has happened in a month.  the bump seems to have doubled in size over night.  in the last two weeks i feel like we gained 10 pounds.  i lost something like 5-7 pounds during the first trimester because i got so sick.  i'm currently up 14 pounds from my normal weight and it's not all belly i tell ya.  i was shocked when i felt my ass hitting the back of my legs as i walked around last week!  sorry if that's TMI for some of you but i didn't think that day would come so soon.  me n cottage cheese under my skin are mortal enemies and the recent discovery of an entire colony residing in my rear has forced me to bust out the war paint.  grrrrrrr.

anyway... on to more pleasant topics.  we also did the 3D/4D ultrasound recently.  our first attempt wasn't too successful.  probably my fault.  i wasn't supposed to have a heavy meal before the ultrasound since that would put the baby to sleep.  i thought i was eating lite just having a few bites of roscoe's left overs.  i guess a whole chicken thigh, rice n beans doesn't constitute lite eating.  i guess 1 hour wasn't enough to digest all that either.  munchkin was practically snoring in my belly.  you couldn't wake her for anything.  and yes... i know where my idea of lite eating goes.  thanks people.  grrrrrr.

2nd attempt (a week later) was much better and we saw her doing yoga moves in the belly.  sooooo cute.  here's a picture from the session.

and now for this week's bump picture.  week 29 and officially 3rd trimester (7 months).  we are really really really showing now.


  1. Um, I love that you say you are REALLY REALLY showing. You are still so tiny. :) You are so beautiful, and I love how Curtis is so into it too! She is going to have him wrapped around her little finger. :) Beautiful pics!

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