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Saturday, December 12, 2009

mila | gift ideas

i've been planning these for a while now.  i wanted something cute, simple, useful and unique to give as gifts to my clients.  
from the depths of my creativity and the top of my idea pile ...
i designed some gift tags using photos from the recent holiday sessions.  merry christmas!

for my wedding clients i made some pendants using photos from the engagement sessions.  yep... you heard right.  i MADE it!  i took a class thru the craftkitchen in costa mesa and had a blast!

btw...  in case you haven't noticed, my logo and branding have been a constant work in progress.  you've probably seen the watermark on the photos.  curtis redesigned my business card and website.  although both are still in progress and not quite done, we have something to show.  check out the first attempt of a new card below and visit the website (www.milaPhotography.com) to see how much has changed!

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  1. Awesome michelle! I was totally thinking the other day how it would be cool to use pictures in gift tags! How did you print them? Are the pendants necklaces?!! So rad girl! :) You rock! Your clients will love em! I love that one of the pendants is k+r. :)

  2. Very, VERY AWESOME. I love everything!!! =)

  3. Oh my, you so blew me away with your tags and hand made craft, what an awesome idea! you rock and I am so with you about the redesign but it is so cool that you are transparent and sharing the process with others, I must do this as well
    have a great holiday, so miss you!