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Thursday, December 3, 2009

mila | cherishing family

when did i become so self-centered?  i get so caught up in my life and the busy work i CREATE for myself  that i don't make time to do the things i should.   like ... calling the people who love me just to say hi and making time for my family when THEY call me.  i'm seriously not busy enough to not make time for them or to at least call them back.

one of the things i don't want to regret is not making the time for is getting to know my family.  learning about their past.    they have so many stories to tell and it clues me in on who they are.  i don't wanna miss out on that .. i already missed out on my mom, my grandma, my grandpa, yaya ... so many other people.  i don't want to lose another person and go thru the cycle of regret again telling myself that hindsight is 20/20.  

so i call, i facebook, i interview, i bug, i show up.  i send them lil notes and nudges.  they probably think i'm being silly or pestering but it's just me making an effort.

my family circle is growing.  as i get to know curtis' family i add them to my list of people to keep track of.  their stories are precious.  their lives and their love is something i look forward to absorbing.  i'll ease them in to my silliness ... don't wanna throw them into shock or have them running the other way.  at least not until i get to know them better.  lol.

here's more pictures from our virginia trip.  meet curtis, his dad (clay) and his grandpa (norman).  i really hope grandpa norman can hang in there long enough to meet the baby.  i want her to hold his hand.

btw.. here's the first juicy story we got from curtis' grandpa norman.  their last name should've been "hall" NOT "ford".  grandpa norman's great grandma (i think it was that many generations ago) lied about her pregnancy.  she got pregnant by a "hall" but told her boyfriend, a "ford", that it was his.  he married her of course and the rest is history.  mmm hmm... soap opera!

we don't get the fall colors in california so i had to make sure i got some shots while in virginia...

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  1. I like "the end". I think I saw that same country road when I was there. I can also see where Curtis gets his good looks. You are going to have one beautiful little girl... thanks for sharing about your family. My heart is wrapped up in my family, and we often spend so much time together, but sometimes, we just don't have the time. I don't look forward to when they won't be here anymore...