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Thursday, December 31, 2009

mila | around town . santa ana

so many places unexplored....

my sister and i were so fortunate growing up that mom worked for an airline.  we started travelling the world when i was 9 and did some world exploration trip at least once a year until i was 18.  i've seen some amazing things and have truly come to appreciate the diversity in art, culture, tradition, nature and people.  the one thing we didn't do as much growing up was explore the areas around us.  my mom was keen on taking advantage of the airline perks, understandably.  she told us that we could always go to nearby places any time but the world travel was an opportunity we couldn't pass up.

i think that is a common practice.  even now as an adult, when i think about vacationing or weekend trips, i look far and wide for options.  when i consider photo safaris i'm intrigued by day trip locations.  what i don't always look at are the areas close by.  i've been making an effort to change that.

my friends todd and kevin and i went venturing around down town santa ana one day.  mostly to look for places to shoot and also to try out todd's arsenal of canon lenses ;).  i really shouldn't find more equipment to fall in love with.  it gets expensive.  his 14mm lens is at the top of my drool list.

check out the fun stuff we found just 15 mins away from home!


  1. i heard that there are a lot of bad parts of santa ana. it's nice to know that downtdown isn't one of those bad parts. it looks nice!

  2. love these michelle! i love the santa ana courthouse! oh, and i think the bad parts are the most fun to photograph. :)